Pt 3 – Wedding & New House

I decided to give Viv a little make over since I was getting a little bored of some of her outfits.

Here’s her new everyday outfit, I wanted her to look a bit more comfortable.

N10-21-18_11-26-13 AM

Here’s her new gym gear, not that she goes to the gym very often.

N10-21-18_11-27-58 AM

Yeah, no one’s getting away with that outfit 😀

N10-21-18_11-26-44 AM

And here’s her new party outfit.

N10-21-18_11-31-08 AM

Viv invited Shingo round to tell him the pregnancy news, and he’s really pleased. This will be his first child.

N10-21-18_11-33-09 AM.png

He then walks in on Emilia on the toilet, and no one’s happy about that.

N10-21-18_11-33-51 AM

I get Viv to propose to Shingo as he’s not getting any younger and I don’t want him to pop his clogs without them getting some time together at least.

N10-21-18_11-35-16 AM.png

Since Viv didn’t have a proper wedding event when she married Jayce, I think it would be nice for her and Shingo to have something special.

I chose Myshuno Meadows park for the ceremony. It looks really pretty.

N10-21-18_11-42-48 AM

I couldn’t remember whether Viv would have a wedding dress so I decided to go change her formal attire into something better.

I really didn’t want her going to her wedding in this 😀

N10-21-18_11-43-25 AM

And a new outfit for Emilia too.

N10-21-18_11-47-17 AM

Viv was put in a wedding dress, but I decided to change it as I preferred the formal dress I’d chosen for her. Plus it was her second wedding, I think she wanted something a little different.

And who should come in for a chat whilst she’s getting ready, but Jayce. Wonder what he has to say, maybe he’s wishing her luck.

N10-21-18_11-48-51 AM.png

So once Viv was ready I had to try and get her to the arch, along with Shingo so they could get married. This was proving more difficult than I thought. I kept clicking on the arch, but it would tell me that my spouse wasn’t there. Then when I managed to get Shingo to the arch, Viv started to walk off. Then when trying to get her back, Shingo would leave again, and it would say he wasn’t there.

Finally after half the event has gone, I manage to get them both to the arch to get married.

N10-21-18_11-55-52 AM

If you look to the right behind Shingo’s head, that’s Jade Rosa who seems to have got changed into a towel for the ceremony :-/ 😀

I don’t know why Arun is making that face. I do like his suit though.

N10-21-18_11-56-12 AM

N10-21-18_11-57-03 AM

N10-21-18_11-57-11 AM.png

After the ceremony everyone runs off back inside. Viv is REALLY hungry, but where is all the food. And where is the chef?

N10-21-18_11-58-38 AM.png

Viv is chatting to Akira, and I notice he’s really angry. I just miss out on his interaction with Siobhan. She must have flirted with someone else and he’s not happy about it. Here he’s just had words

N10-21-18_12-00-45 PM.png

Viv has to get a kiss from Shingo but I can’t find him anywhere. Finally I find him in a corner upstairs, and they get their kiss. Also I realise that Emilia hasn’t even met her new step-dad yet. Not properly anyway.

N10-21-18_12-03-09 PMN10-21-18_12-04-11 PM

The event is nearly ending so I get Viv to go and set off the fireworks. So pretty!

N10-21-18_12-07-02 PMN10-21-18_12-07-13 PM

Even though the chef never made a wedding cake, and seemed to only be able to make fruit & yoghurt parfait. We managed to finish with a silver event. So to me that’s pretty successful.

Of course when the wedding finished it asked me whether we wanted to merge households. Viv’s flat was going to be way too cramped for four when the new baby comes, but I hadn’t seen where Shingo lived. At first I thought he might not be placed in the world, but it said he lived in Willow Creek. All of the houses in Willow Creek, even the small one’s are going to be bigger than Viv’s apartment. And I could always add another room if I needed. So I took a chance and moved Viv and Emilia in with Shingo.

And this is where he lives…….

N10-21-18_12-09-45 PM.png

JACKPOT! Right next door to the Goth’s. Wow…..well done Viv. Girl done good 😀

The neighbourhood looks so pretty in the dark with all the lights 🙂

N10-21-18_12-11-20 PMN10-21-18_12-11-29 PM


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