Pt 15 -Let’s Get Married

Ray and Natalia organised their wedding and we chose the venue. Unfortunately when everyone turned up it was raining. Urgh, okay let’s see how this pans out.

N12-10-18_1-01-47 PM

Oh no, Emilia is filthy. This isn’t going well at all.

N12-10-18_1-03-02 PM

Ray and Natalia rescheduled the wedding instead and chose a day without rain!

N12-10-18_2-40-31 PM

Lak got a very interesting call from Paolo Rocca, asking if she wanted to join Partihaus. Erm… they not realise she’s a child?! I’m not sure she should be sacking off her homework to go out to nightclubs.

NScreen Shot 2018-12-10 at 13.14.13 copy

The next day was much better weather wise, so Ray and Natalia attempted to get married again.

N12-10-18_2-46-28 PMN12-10-18_2-47-12 PMN12-10-18_2-48-01 PM

How lovely, and it stayed dry.

N12-10-18_2-48-14 PM

Are you kidding me? A hamburger wedding cake? I don’t think the bride and groom requested that.

N12-10-18_2-51-05 PM

It did rain, but it started much later in the evening.

N12-10-18_2-52-46 PM

Whitwoooo…….I never noticed the back of Viv’s dress before.

N12-10-18_2-54-42 PM

Oh, someone isn’t smelling so great.

N12-10-18_2-57-46 PM

And everyone seems to be crashing. This wedding is going on for ages.

N12-10-18_2-58-43 PM

Ray’s down.

N12-10-18_3-01-57 PM

And just like that, Ray is off to start the next chapter of his life.

NScreen Shot 2018-12-10 at 15.03.54 copy

The next day the weather was freezing, the windows were all iced up. How exciting. I can’t wait for the snow to come.

N12-10-18_3-12-10 PM

With Natalia being pregnant, and getting a message that Viv doesn’t have long left (I know… sad) Viv wants to go meet her new grandchild.

N12-10-18_3-20-19 PM

Doesn’t look like Natalia has had the baby yet.

N12-10-18_3-23-09 PM

Meanwhile Emilia and Baby go on a date to Peachy Bean.

N12-10-18_11-21-28 PM

And Baby gets up and takes his food outside to speak to someone. Bit rude, isn’t Emilia’s company any good?

N12-10-18_11-22-14 PM

The waitress is a little clumsy and drops their order on the floor.

N12-10-18_11-23-56 PM

Back at Ray and Natalia’s house, it looks like the baby glitch with the baskets is happening again.

N12-10-18_11-31-37 PM

Yup, Natalia is very uncomfortable. Please have your baby, poor thing. We better leave her to it, maybe by tomorrow Natalia will have had the baby.

NScreen Shot 2018-12-10 at 15.24.45 copy

For some reason Lak decided to get up and make a mess on Viv’s floor while she was sleeping. Isn’t she a bit old for that now?

N12-10-18_11-50-07 PM

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