Pt 6 – Next chapter

I’m just sat here, writing my Sims blog and watching 90 Day Fiancé. This show makes me laugh. I’ve just been watching about a guy called Colt who lives at home with his Mom and dresses up his cats. And he’s bringing over his Brazilian girlfriend so they can get married. I think the Mom expects them to live with her. So far his girlfriend hates it. So funny……anyway…..back to Sims 😀

Having a closer look at Emilia, she does have a little more interesting face than I realised. It more obvious on the side view.

N11-16-18_6-01-22 PM

There’s definitely something going on with her mouth and chin that I hadn’t noticed before. I think it’s a little of something from Viv, but it’s not really obvious.

N11-16-18_6-01-31 PM

I gave Emilia some new night clothes.

N11-16-18_6-13-29 PM

And also a new everyday outfit. I’m not sure whether her hips have got bigger since ageing up.

N11-16-18_6-20-22 PM

Viv mended the stereo and then because she was feeling playful, she jumped up and down on the mess.

N11-16-18_6-22-58 PM

Emilia and Chan went on a date. I sent them to Peachy Bean which is one of my really early community lot builds.

N11-16-18_9-57-59 PMN11-16-18_9-59-10 PMN11-16-18_9-59-36 PMN11-16-18_10-02-53 PM

Is Emilia flirting with the cupcake, or Channing?!

N11-16-18_10-06-20 PM

Emilia invites Chan home.

N11-16-18_10-13-02 PMN11-16-18_10-15-07 PM

You don’t have to ask to go to the toilet Chan!

N11-16-18_10-15-58 PM

Now that she’s an adult, Emilia had to get a job. She had wanted to be a chef before, but I’ve done that job before so I thought I’d try something new. So Emilia has joined the social media career. She got straight on writing some articles, and levelling up her writing skill.

N11-16-18_10-38-07 PM

Oop, looks like someone’s pregnant 😀 At this point part of me is even wondering whether I should move Channing in. Once Emilia has the baby, there will be four members of the house, and I really don’t like having to look after too many people. We’ll see what happens.

N11-16-18_10-40-05 PM

I love how Viv looks in her nightwear. And look at Emilia’s little pregnant belly!

N11-16-18_11-00-04 PM

3 thoughts on “Pt 6 – Next chapter

    1. Peachy Bean? Thanks, I did yes. It was one of my first community builds when I got Get To Work. I found that the Romantic Garden pack and Jungle Adventure really helped with being able to decorate and make things look pretty. I love making all the flowers and greenery bigger 😀

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