Introducing Viv

Ok so I was inspired by MaggieMarley over on the Sims 4 forum to do a Breed Out The Ugly challenge. This is my first Sims challenge, and I was so amused by MM’s posts, i just had to give it a go.

I’m sticking to the same rules, which are as follows;

1. Only one child per generation (unless the heir has twins/triplets, that is). First born is heir. This is intended to make the challenge more difficult by preventing me from simply choosing the most attractive child.
2. The founder (or in later generations, the heir) will choose their partner based on their looks.
3. No editing of offspring’s features in CAS.
4. Partners must be premades or townies. No downloading of spouses from the gallery, no creating spouses and I cannot edit their features.
5. All offspring are to take the founder’s surname.
6. I will use a legacy trait generator to determine the traits of offspring.
7. Aging on for unplayed and played households.

So here is my Sim. Her name is Vivienne Milligan (random name generated) She is a glutton, cheerful, family-oriented and domestic.

What you can’t see from the photo is the ‘Madonna’ gap between her teeth. Which I was always told makes you able to sing better. She’ll be warbling down at the old karaoke in no time.

My concern is, have I made her ugly enough? I usually spend my time creating really attractive Sims, it’s like I just can’t help it. I feel I’m being mean by making them look unattractive, so I end up with really attractive worlds. I’m trying to add in a few more interesting looks, so everyone isn’t so uniformed.

This is also my first time taking photos and creating a blog. So you will have to bear with me. I think I’m getting the hang of taking the photos a little better as I’m going along.

Ok, so let’s start Viv’s journey! Ugly heir’s here we come 🙂

10-18-18_9:35:21 AM10-18-18_9:35:32 AM10-18-18_9:35:37 AM

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